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Recent projects

  • rivestimenti in pietra

Stone coatings

Stone coatings. Stone coatings - D.stone. Edilporfidi has been on natural stones market for over 30 years and is one of the major direct importers of natural stones from all over the world. The continuous economic changes have brought us to look for new products [...]

Foresto Sparso’s square

Foresto Sparso’s square. Paving of Foresto Sparso’s square realized with Mixed-violet Trentino Porphyry Cubes cm 06/08. Paving strips realized with Red Indian Sandstone cube cm 10/10 - thickness cm 4/6. Particular of the paving realized with Mixed-violet Trentino Porphyry Cubes [...]

Villongo roundabout

Villongo roundabout. Street level external sidewalk paving realized with Red Trentino Porphyry cube cm 08/10 delimited with Grey Extracee Granite kerbstones - one long side fine picked - fine picked head - rounded chamfer cm 1.0x1.0 - cm 14x25x100 - sawn joints - sawn back. Raised internal [...]