Our history

Telling the story of Edilporfidi means inevitably remembering the history of a family that has made the commitment and the passion for their work the solid base for the construction of a company that, for over forty years, has been a benchmark for the quality of the offer and the precision of the service.

Family Oldrati started working in the field of natural stones in far 1970, in particular the owner, Oldrati Luciano, after having conducted several jobs, became fond of the world of natural stones, together with his father Giacomo. This passion pushed the two to visit the Trentino caves, travelling in person with their lorries, loading goods, selecting the most qualified ones , with the better cuts and colors, and bringing them for the first time in the province of Bergamo, introducing the first pavings in natural stone. Thanks to the intensification of the production of the caves, the possibilities of laying and the wide choice, several possibilities were available and, among them, stand out cubes, kerbstones and tiles. Loading areas of natural stones were amplified, in particular they loaded Luserna and Italian Quarzite in Piemonte caves, Beole and Serizzi in Domodossola caves, marble wall blocks in Verona caves and, in the end, pebbles in Ticino caves.

In the 1980’s Luciano’s wife, Rosanna, and Luciano’s brother, Arnaldo, flank Luciano and the father Giacomo. Rosanna became responsible for the administration part. Arnaldo, with another lorry, amplified the vehicle fleet.

In 1988 Edilporfidi of Finazzi Rosanna was found and the headquarter passed from a surface of 3.000 square meters to 10.000 square meters.

In 1992 the son Manuel started working in the company. He became responsible for warehouse management, contacts with customers, loading and unloading of materials in the warehouse. In the meantime the range of products commercialized was amplified: the company started a cooperation with a Portuguese cave for street Granite, in particular kerbstones, Kerbing corners, pavings and waterways.

In 1995 the daughter Moira started working in the company. She became responsible for administration and commercial management and a new chapter began: the importation of containers from abroad, satisfying the Italian market, always more inclined to economic products: Quartzite from Brasil, Granite from China, Arenarie stones from India and Granite from Turkey.

In 2000-2005 the warehouse arrived to a surface of approximately 30.000 square meters and the youngest Luciano’s son, Mauro, started working in the company. He became responsible for the logistics of the company vehicles.

In 2010 the shed, with offices annexed, was inaugurated. The offices were equipped with the most recent management systems for a major efficiency and precision, like the electronic scale.

In 2013 the exposition was inaugurated in order to allow the customers to view the vast set of products already laid. The exposition is indoor, so the customers have the possibility to visit it whenever they want, also if the weather is not favourable.

In 2015 the catalogue of the products and the first signs of selling abroad and online have been drawn. The company offers a vast range of products, from paving stones, to wall coverings, to products for the garden decor.Our warehouse is situated near Bergamo, halfway between Milan and Brescia. The company provides transportation services with its own trucks: articulated lorries, articulated lorries equipped with crane are at disposal of our customers for deliveries.
Narrating 40 years in a few lines underlines how the determination, the sacrifice, and the seriousness of Oldrati family has created a solid and concrete structure, as much as are concrete Giacomo, Luciano, Arnaldo, Rosanna, Moira, Manuel and Mauro.