Deliverings throughout Italy

Edilporfidi has always offered an efficient transportation and logistical service. In our headquarter there is a platform for electronic weighing of goods, that allows the weighing up to one lorry; the scale is complete of external display for a rapid weighing and remote connection with the management software for a major precision in the supply of our products. We also have lift truck, forklift truck and excavator in order to deal every situation of loading and unloading, also in particular situations, but above all, we provide transportation services throughout Italy with our own lorries equipped with crane, also in the shipyards that don’t have cranes at disposal.


Support in the choice of natural stones

It is possible to fix appointments in our offices, in order to offer a specialized consultancy service in the choice of the best products for the development of your projects. Our skilled staff will be able to show you the features of the various natural stones, the available sizes of our products and the available manufacturing. We are at your disposal for the preparation of offers, also custom-made offers, for particular needs