Granite Kerbstone

Granite Kerbstone.

Edilporfidi has been on natural stones market for over 30 years and we are the major direct importers of Granite from all over the world. The continuous economic changes have brought us to look for new products in order to satisfy our customers both in quality and in price. For this reason, after careful analysis and market researches we are to propose new typology of Extracee Granite Kerbstone for road pavements with fine picked surface.

The peculiarity of this typology of Granite kerbstones is their finishing, that allows to present the kerbstones laid in a way never seen before. All the sides are sawn, the fine picked head and frontal side have a rounded chamfer cm 1.0×1.0 respecting the road safety regulations. The kerbstones have fixed length cm 100 in order to be lighter and more manageable in the laying and have sawn heads in order to have a major beauty service and a saving also at economic level, since they allow the laying without the necessity to sawn the heads.

The Granite Kerbstones are available in our equipped warehouse in various sizes: from the lowered cm 8x15x100 – cm 10x15x100 – cm 12x12x100 – cm 14x14x100 – cm 15x15x100, to classical and atandard sizes cm 8x25x100 – cm 10x25x100 – cm 12x20x100 – cm 12x25x100 –– cm 14x25x100 –– cm 15x25x100, they are packed in wooden pallets and are complete of plastic strips that allow the transportation and transfer of the pallets in the construction side in total safety and simplicity.

The fine picked finishing allows the laying of the kerbstones not only in public and road construction site, but also in private construction sites, where a major beauty perfection is requested at a competitive price.

To have more information come to visit us in our warehouse where you can view our products in person or download our catalogue from our website in the various sections of the products.

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