Edilporfidi has been on natural stones market for over 30 years and we are the major direct importers of natural stones from all over Italy.
Among the various typologies of natural stones we import, there is also Luserna stone from Piemonte..
Luserna is a shiny stone, very resistant and suitable to external pavings because it is resistant to cold weather; therefor it’s a stone durable over time.

The range of products we propose in Luserna is very wide: crazy pavings, cubes, kerbstones, wallings, pavings with natural suface and sawn sides, “Quadrettoni” (square shaped paving) with natural surface and hand cut sides, wall covers, risers…all those products are suitable also for external pavings and may give your home a personal touch.

Moreover it is possible to have special pieces on demand, with particular sizes. Those pieces are usually realized in Luserna with flamed surface, colour Mixed or Blue and it is possible having several finishings: hand cut sides, flamed sides, half rounded bevel sides or rounded bevel sides.

To have more information come to visit us in warehouse where you can view our products in person or download our catalogue from our website in the various sections of the products.

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Example of paved Luserna stone – SEE PROJECT DETAILS