Trentino Porphyry

Edilporfidi has been on natural stones market for over 30 years and we are the major direct importers of natural stones from all over Italy.
As you can deduct from our name, we have been one of the biggest Trentino Porphyry importers for over 30 years.

Porphyry is a natural stone very resistant, it is suitable for external pavings, infact you can find it in the historic centres of towns all over Italy: it is used to realize squares, sidewalks and generally pavings. Porphyry characteristics are its elegance and its durability over time.
Porphyry in its various aspects is suitable for external pavings, it isn’t subjected to damages and changes through time, it’s a first quality material and it is suitable for various uses.

Porphyry is a very versatile product, infact the range of products available is very wide: crazy pavings with thickness cm 3/5 or cm 1/3, cubes in various sizes, paving tiles with natural surface and hand cut sides or sawn sides, kerbstones, wallings, wallcovers, steps, risers and moreover on demand it is possible having special pieces in flamed Porphyry with particular sizes. Moreover Porphyry has many colours, mixed-violet, grey, red.

To have more information come to visit us in warehouse where you can view our products in person or download our catalogue from our website in the various sections of the products.

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Example of paved Trentino Porphyry